The real question here should be, why should I  not have a website. To those 45-5% still not having a website, they are missing the best part of their intentions. The age of looking at newspapers or newsletters for the awaited information you were seeking for is a chapter gone. Not to discredit or say that it isn’t in use anymore. A lot still do, also a lot have chosen to choose the more convenient way out. When a vendor wants to sell his products in the market, he will always choose the busiest location without doubt. With over 78% of the adults across the world spending time online, there is no reason as to why one should not be having a website at this age. Having a website can impact every scope of daily lives in their own way.

In business, websites are a great marketing tool which opens the door for other low-cost marketing options. Such as SEO’s, SEM’s or social media marketing, search engines drive in more customers and website as a platform provides the option to do so. With time being the determining factor in this busy life, having a particular website is a life-changer. In the business marketing, websites is a tool that keeps the customers well informed and provided. Being informed is one of the determining factors in businesses to know of the user’s insight. People are made fully aware of the every happenings in a split of seconds with new arrivals, upcoming events, special promotions, services you name it, websites all have it .Since websites are always continuously updated, there is no scope of one being left behind. Also having to have an update online is a lot easier than updating on the previous methods. Methods of print materials such as on a brochure or a catalogue.

Have you ever received a message to you mail so tempting that you had to check out even at the oddest hour. So you log in or check out the websitefor the product which you either purchase or get to know .That is what the accessibility of a website does. It has no time barrier and is always at your avail 24/7 even when the store or office is closed. Websites which have become a medium to showcase your work also saves you and your user’s the time. Good websites are well-detailed meaning every information one needs is found in the site itself. With the easy navigation and the precise contents one is fed with the supposed detailed information. Hence, the worry of being face to face, an email chat or sending brochures to customers is obliterated.

Websites now-a-days are used for every purpose that can possibly be named. Used mostly as a platform for efficiency and effectiveness in the marketing business, websites also make the whole world cluttered in a single mass.

A pop up can be annoying as can be, but not all are a lure to thicken someone’s wallet. In case of unfortunate calamities where people need help the most, websites becomes a coin box to the needy. A lot of non-profit organisation’s visions, missions, staff bios are effectively communicated through websites. Hence, it can be induced that the platform which are used to make money is also a platform to give out help.

Hence, it becomes irrefutable as to why one should have a website of their own in this century and possibly so in the times to come. Growth is an essential part of human life and sometimes being with the flock(websites) is not at all bad.